ʻIolani Palace
Biographical Information
Members: Commander Steve McGarret

Detective Danny Williams
Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly
Officer Kono Kalakaua
Lou Grover
Dr. Max Bergman
Dr. Charles Fong
Agent Jenna Kaye (Former)
Agent Lori Weston (Former)
Catherine Rollins (Former)

Status: Active

Steve's Office
Danny's Office
Briefing Room
Interrogation Room

First appearance: Ohana


ʻIolani Palace in the Season 4 episode, "Kupouli 'la"- Broken.

Hawaii Five-0's offices are located here with the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force (originally called State Task Force and Governor's Task Force) Headquarters which consists of the following:


  • Steve's Office: His desk contains the U.S. Flag, Hawaiian State Flag and Model ships.
  • Danny's Office: His desk has picture of Little Grace, a child's drawing and a Toy police car.
  • Chin's Office.
  • Kono's Office.
  • Interrogation Room: A cold, damp room shrouded in darkness which looks like a prison cell, it own has blue lighting from the ceiling. This is where Hawaii Five-0 take their suspects after arresting them during a case.
  • Screening Room: This area was used to watch Steve's High School football games and CHIPs marathon.
  • Briefing Room: This is where the team usually gather to perform briefings on their latest case or get information. The area is also used to hold meetings and discuss information concerning their latest case.

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