Akanahe (Reluctant Partners)
Season 4, Episode 8
Air date November 15, 2013
Written by Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt
Directed by Jerry Levine
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Ua Nalohia


Ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'i

Akanahe (Reluctant Partners) is the 8th episode of Season 4 in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


McGarrett and Grover become unlikely partners when they are assigned by the Governor to deliver a warrant to a young hacker which later becomes an issue of national security, but all is not what it seems...


Kono helps Five-0 minus Danny, who is in New Jersey with his family to celebrate his father turning 60, capture Sato, who reveals that Adam is not dead; Kono leaves again to find him.

Afterwards, Governor Denning forces Grover and McGarrett to work together to serve an arrest warrant to Ian Wright for unpaid parking tickets. After arriving in his home, the two are ambushed, and Ian is kidnapped.

Five-0 discover that the kidnappers are professional bank robbers, and Ian is also an expert computer hacker who helped the gang rob a bank. After capturing the robbers, it is revealed that Ian was the ring leader all along, and was using his computer program on the bank as a test for further attacks.

They eventually find him at Honolulu International Airport, where he reveals that he hacked the flight path of a Hawaii-bound airliner and will crash it in the Pacific unless he is allowed to leave for a flight to Pago Pago.

Grover and McGarrett play into his demand until Catherine tracks and shuts down Ian's computer. However, Ian somehow sneaked out of the plane and is at large.

Ian later taunts McGarrett through messages on a hacked ATM, to which McGarrett tells him he will catch him next time.

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  • Despite being credited, neither Scott Caan (Detective Danny Williams) nor Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman) appear in this episode. This is also the first episode not to include Caan in it since he made his debut appearance in the Pilot (episode).
  • The song playing in the background when Steve, Grover and the SWAT team confront Nick at the airport is Imagine Dragons- Radioactive.


Name Portrayed by Role
Steve McGarrett
Alex O'Loughlin A Navy SEAL and leader of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.
Danny Williams
Scott Caan 2nd-in-command of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and Steve's partner.
Chin Ho Kelly
Daniel Dae Kim A member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.
Kono Kalakaua
Grace Park Youngest member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, and cousin of Chin.
Dr. Max Bergman Masi Oka Chief Medical Examiner for the Hawaii Five-0 team.
Catherine Rollins Michelle Borth An Ex-Navy Lieutenant and Steve's on-off girlfriend.

Recurring/Guest StarringEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
Lou Grover Chi McBride Captain of the HPD SWAT team.
Samantha Grover Paige Hurd Lou Grover's oldest child and daughter
Ian Wright Nick Jonas A hacker.
Riku Sato Louis Ozawa Changchien A member of the Yakuza.
Governor Samuel Denning Richard T. Jones The Governor of Hawaii.


Name Portrayed by Role
Luke Davis Andrew Pang A man who appears in the episode.
Wife Eri Aihara A woman who appears in the episode.
Governor's Administrator Melissa Puana-Martin A woman who appears in the episode.
Paramedic Stephen Meyers A man who appears in the episode.

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