Anton Hesse
Anton Hesse
Biographical Information
Name: Anton Hesse
Real Name: Anton Hesse
Title: Brother of Victor Hesse
Originally From: Northern Ireland
Current Location: North Korea
Family: Victor Hesse (Brother)
Affiliations: Wo Fat
Physical Description
Height: 5' 9
Status: Deceased - Steve McGarrett
Character Information
Portrayed by: Norman Reedus

Character Flag - Ierland Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 1

Anton Hesse was a terrorist and international arms dealer, from Northern Ireland, as well as the brother of Victor Hesse. Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett spent five years chasing both Anton and Victor due to the fact that both brothers were involved in terrorism.

Pre-Series Edit

Not much is known about Anton's life except for the fact that he had a brother and that both brothers were born and raised in Northern Ireland.

Season 1 Edit

On September 20th, 2010, and during the Pilot (episode), Steve succeeded in capturing Anton in South Korea and was in the process of escorting Anton presumably back in the U.S for trial when Victor called, informing Steve that he had taken Steve's father, John McGarrett and that he would let John go if Steve complied and let Anton go.

Steve refused and hung up just as he and his men came under ambush from a mysterious group who were presumably intending to take Anton. During the gunfight, Anton escaped, forcing Steve to give chase.

601px-H50E1 106

Anton's death.

When Anton attempted to fight back, Steve was forced to shoot Anton with Anton later succumbing to his wounds and dying seconds later much to Steve's horror.

Victor soon called back and upon learning that Anton was dead, shot John dead in revenge much to Steve's horror.

Season 3 Edit

Olelo Pa'a showed through flashback how Anton was captured by Steve and Freddie Hart. Anton was in North Korea selling weapons and was under the protection of militia who worked for Han Ji-Woon. The retrieval mission ended in tragedy when Hart suffered fatal injuries and later died. This caused Steve to leave Hart's remains behind and drive away with the captured Anton in a truck before he too was shot.


Like his brother, Victor, Anton was a sadistic psychopath who had no qualms or moral high grounds whatsoever, taking pleasure in taunting his victims which is seen when he mocks Steve.


He was a grown, muscular man around his twenties, he wore a black Kevlar vest over a long-sleeved thermal shirt and black jeans.

Abilities FirearmsEdit

As a terrorist, Anton was skilled in the use of a firearm.


Despite the two being criminals, Victor cared greatly for Anton and upon learning of Anton's death from Steve, Victor, devastated by his brother's death exacted his own revenge in the form of executing Steve's father, John.