Bones of Contention
Season 7, Episode 14
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date Fanuary 7, 1975
Written by Alvin Sapinsley
Directed by Douglas Green
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Hara-Kiri: Murder
Computer Killer

Bones of Contention is the 14tH episode of Season 7 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O


Raymond Parmel, a murderous former soldier, claims to have the remains of Peking Man, the fossilized bones of prehistoric humans found in China in the 1930s that disappeared shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. McGarrett must deal both with him and with a professor who represents the government of the People's Republic of China, which wants to recover the bones as a Chinese national treasure, and doesn't care whether Parmel is captured or not.



  • When the first grave is opened, Danno Williams remarks the ribbons are those of the Korean War- this has several plot holes-the grave is of a World War II casualty (1941–1945), the Korean War was 1950-1953, the ribbon is actually that of a National Defense Service award from 1961!
  • In another plot hole, when the remains of Ed Crowe are found in Parnell's footlocker, it is stretching artistic license to think that a footlocker would be forgotten in a government warehouse for 34 years.
  • The headstone that Parnell switched (and under which Five-0 finds the fossils) is printed backwardS on the film!
  • Parnell claims that if he isn't given money and a pardon that he'll cremate the fossils in California. However, plot Holes are # 1 } How can he do this when they are buried in Hawaii 2) Fossils are stone!
  • The real Peking Man fossils disappeared in 1941, in China

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