Bradford Matinsky
Bradford Matinsky
Biographical Information
Name: Bradford Matinsky
Title: Bradford Matinsky
Wife: Natalie Hayes † (Ex-fiancee)
Physical Description
Status: Deceased - suicide
Character Information
Appeared: Palekaiko
Portrayed by: Rhys Coiro

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 1

Bradford Matinsky was a serial killer who stalked Hawaii and the nearby islands, targeting young newlywed women who had brown hair and blue eyes.

Past Edit

In 2008 he was a systems analyst for an engineering firm in Lansing, Michigan and at the same time he was engaged to be be married to a beautiful young woman named Natalie Hayes with whom he was planning a big beach wedding in Barbados. However, during the middle of the wedding Natalie called it off for reasons unknown, presumably she felt that she not yet ready to marry or she fell in love with another man and wanted to be with him.

Whatever the reason was Bradford was so distraught that Natalie left in front of all their friends and family that he snapped, he quit his job and went on unemployment. Two months after they were supposed to be married in February 2009 Natalie went missing and was never seen again, although the police were sure that Bradford killed her they didn't have any evidence to prove that he was the murderer. Bradford then became a serial killer who would target newlywed women who and brown hair and blue eyes as they were what Natalie had.

Present Edit

After killing several unnamed couples Bradford kidnapped newlywed couple Jake and Erica Harris, although he managed to strangle Jake Erica managed to escape and was rescued by to hikers.

Later he tried murderer a couple on the cruise ship, The Eternity by placing a bomb but Danny and Steve managed to foil him. Then he contacted and abducted newlywed bride Kristen Clarke but Danny and Steve caught up and after a brief road chase they confronted him.

Whilst holding Kristen at knife-point at the edge of a cliff Danny tried to reason with him, saying he knows that Natalie left him at the altar and that he knows what its like to have someone they love walk away from them like that. Steve, however, tried to use reverse psychology by staying that the guy was a psychopath and whilst he and Danny were arguing about it Bradford briefly looked away allowing Steve to shot him in the arm and dropping Kristen, Bradford then committed suicide by throwing himself off the cliff rather than spent the rest of his life in prison.


  • 2009:
  • February: Natalie Hayes (disappeared)
  • December 2009: Three unnamed couples.
  • December 2010:
  • Jake Harris- (strangled, dumped).
  • Erica Harris- (attempted, failed due to her escaping).
  • Kristen Clark- (attempted, failed).