Bradley Jacks
Bradley Jacks
Biographical Information
Name: Bradley Jacks
Real Name: Bradley Jacks
Title: Lieutenant
Affiliations: SEAL Team 9

United States Navy

Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Appeared: Kame'e
Portrayed by: Sean MacCormac

Character Flag - American Male Military Navy SEAL Season 2

Bradley Jacks is a Lieutenant for SEAL Team 9 who made his first appearance in Kame'e where he fell victim to an assassin, Hector Ruiz who poisoned him before throwing Jacks out of a plane, obviously hoping to disguise the death as an accident or suicide.

Luckily, though, H50 team leader and Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret who had caught on the scheme sky-dived and after a failed attempt, was able to connect Jacks's chute to his own, enabling the two men to get to safety while Hector was later killed by Detective Danny Williams and Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.

Jacks later reappeared in Kil'ilua where he was a member of the same team including Danny, Kono and Chin that invaded North Korea to save Steve from Wo Fat), Jacks having joined the team to repay Steve, who had saved Jacks's own life.

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