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Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams
Biographical Information
Real Name: Bridget Williams
Title: Bridget Williams
Originally From: New Jersey
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Husband: Ted
Interests: Spencer
Parents: Clara Williams (Mother)

Eddie Williams (Father)

Family: Matt Williams † (Brother)

Danny Williams (Brother)
Stella Russo (Sister)
Eric Russo (Nephew)
Grace Williams (Niece)
Charlie (nephew)

Children: Sophie Williams (Daughter)
Physical Description
Height: 5'7
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Ka Luhi
Portrayed by: Missy Peregrym

Bridget Williams, is the younger sister of Danny Williams and the deceased Matt Williams. She recently visited her brother while on a work conference in Hawaii.

She is married to Ted and has children, one of which is named Sophie. During her visit it comes to light that she has marital troubles.


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