The box of evidence pertaining to John McGarrett investigation into the branch of the Yakuza operating in the State of Hawaii. It was later stolen, but duplicated by his daughter Mary McGarrett through photographs. Doris McGarrett left geographical co-ordinates below the Toolbox to pinpoint the locaton of the grave containing Wo Fat's Deceased Mother. and painted the toolbox a different shade of red to leave a clue. she also mispelt her old alias Shelburne to cover the numbers.


  • Japanese Postcards: using a Sherlock Holmes style cipher, spells out Hiro Noshimuri.
  • Photos from Doris McGarrett's case file, missing from HPD Archives.
  • WWII Medal, belonged to Hideki Mokoto.
  • Recording of John McGarrett (plays during 'Pilot', 'Ohana').
  • Furniture Key: Unlocks desk in Governor Pat Jameson's office.
  • Locker Key (2.01).
  • Map of Japan with "Shelburne" in John's handwriting (2.21).

Additional Evidence:

  • Video Card from spy cam (Gov. Jameson's office).

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