Captain Vince Fryer
Captain Vince Fryer
Biographical Information
Name: Captain Vince Fryer
Real Name: Captain Vince Fryer
Affiliations: Internal Affairs

Honolulu Police Department

Physical Description
Height: 5'11
Status: Deceased- Hillary Chaver
Character Information
Appeared: Ua Lawe Wale
Portrayed by: Tom Sizemore

Character Flag - American Male Honolulu Police Department Internal Affairs Deceased Season 2

Vince Fryer was a former Internal Affairs Captain who recruited former Hawaii Five-0 member, Officer Kono Kalakaua to aid him in taking down Fryer's former partner, Frank Delano while pretending to strip her of her badge so that she could mix with Delano and his own group of corrupt cops.

Over time, Kono's colleagues, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret and Detective Danny Williams along with her cousin, Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, unaware of what was going on grew increasingly concerned with Kono's behavior and eventually took her into custody during Ma'eme'e (episode) where Kono and Fryer told them the truth about the undercover operation which left both Steve and Chin angry and upset that Kono had not even spoken to them as well as the fact that Fryer hadn't even given them a chance to speak in Kono's defense before she'd been stripped of her badge.

The team were eventually successful in taking down Delano and his colleagues but in the aftermath, Steve responded by confronting and then angrily punching Fryer in the face in revenge for Fryer using Kono as bait as well as not confiding in the Hawaii Five-0 team.

Fryer was eventually promoted to Chief of Detectives at the HPD but later died in the Season 2 finale episode, Ua Hala (episode) after being shot by a masked individual who had lured Fryer to a fake crime scene.

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