Chloe Balletine
Chloe Balletine
Biographical Information
Name: Chloe Balletine
Title: Chloe Balletine
Husband: Jeff Fallon
Physical Description
Status: Imprisoned.
Character Information
Appeared: Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau
Portrayed by: Bre Blair

Character Flag - American Female Criminal Killer Season 1

Chloe Balletine is a woman who appeared in Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau and who worked as a secretary for her brother at Fallon Company.

In addition, she was also dating Elliot Connor with Chloe's brother, Jeff Fallon knowing off the affair.

At some point, Jeff urged Elliot to break up with her but the couple planned to kill Jeff and Jeff's own wife, Sheila via the use of sarin gas and with Jeff dead, Elliot and Chloe could continue to run the company together and carry on their relationship.

Unfortunately, a man drank from a milk carton which was infected later died from the effects while the death was brought to Hawaii Five-0's attention after the team's second-in-command, Detective Danny Williams became infected with sarin after touching the victim to check for a pulse although thanks to Agent Jenna Kaye determining that Danny had been infected with sarin, Danny survived, made a full recovery and later returned to work.

Chloe was later exposed as being the one responsible and was eventually arrested and presumably jailed for her crimes, the charges which included possible murder and bio-terrorism.


Proxy VictimsEdit

  • Danny Williams- (unknowingly infected, later survived).