Claire van der Boom
Claire van der Boom
Biographical Information
Real Name: Claire van der Boom
Born: 1983
Originally From: Broome, Western Australia
Personal Information
First appearance: Nalowale
Portrays: Rachel Edwards

Claire van der Boom (1983) is an Australian actress who portrays Rachel Edwards on Hawaii Five-0.

Life & CareerEdit

She won a Logie Award for an Australian film called Dutch Ancestry. Internationally, she was known for HBO's 'The Pacific'. She attended Presbyterian Ladies' College in Perth where she studied drama and graduated in 1999. She also graduated from Sydney's National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2005. -IMDb


Hawaii Episode GuideEdit

Heihei (22 November 2010)

He Kane Hewa'ole (17 January 2011)

E Malama (7 February 2011)

Loa Aloha (21 February 2011)

Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (9 May 2011)

Oia'i'o (16 May 2011)

Pu'olo (16 January 2012)

Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (6 February 2012)

Luapo'i (8 May 2015)

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