Clash of Shadows
Season 12, Episode 17
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date March 8, 1980
Written by George F. Slavin
Directed by Ralph Levy
Episode Guide
The Flight of the Jewels
A Bird in Hand...

Clash of Shadows is the 21st episode of Season 12 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O


Israel's celebrated Nazi-hunter Yuri Bloch has apparently been killed in Honolulu while trying to gather information about a war criminal named Emil Klaus. Knowing the Bloch would only have come to Hawaii if a former Nazi were hiding there, McGarrett and Five-O conduct their own search for Klaus -- while Bloch's partner lies badly wounded in a safe house, and the woman caring for him does what she can to assist while undercover.



  • One of the weaker episodes of this fast faded was War Criminal hiding in Hawaii.

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