Donald Rutherford
Biographical Information
Name: Donald Rutherford
Title: Donald Rutherford
Children: Jordan Rutherford
Physical Description
Status: Arrested.
Character Information
Appeared: Ma Ke Kahakai
Portrayed by: Wayne Duvall

Donald Rutherford is a businessman and the father of Jordan Rutherford who appeared in Ma Ke Kahakai (episode).

Donald is also responsible for killing Jack Leung, a fisherman while his son, Jordan killed a college girl while drunk and was hunted by HPD.

Unwilling to let Jordan be prosecuted for one simple mistake, Donald hid his son and was in the process of making sure that Jordan escaped to China to avoid being prosecuted but Jack Leung discovered the manifest and uncovered what was going on.

This forced Donald to kill Leung and dump his body out in the wilderness where Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret and Detective Danny Williams happened to be during a hike which prompted them to open a case and investigate the death although Steve later broke his left arm in the process.

Steve and Danny eventually arrested Donald after getting into a standoff with the man in Donald's basement while Jordan was later brought back to the U.S. and both father and son were presumably arrested and eventually jailed.


  • Jack Leung- (shot dead, dumped his body on a mountain).
  • Steve McGarrett- (attempted).
  • Danny Williams- (attempted).

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