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Dr. Max Bergman
Biographical Information
Real Name: Max Bergman
Title: Dr. Max Bergman
Interests: Sabrina Lane
Parents: Mr & Mrs Bergman (Adoptive Parents)

Machiyo Takeshita † (Biological Mother)

Family: Unnamed Sibling

Unnamed Niece

Affiliations: Hawaii Five-0 Task Force
Physical Description
Height: 5' 6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Ne Me'e Laua na Paio
Portrayed by: Masi Oka

Dr. Max Bergman (presumably Max Takeshita) is a doctor and also the Chief Medical Examiner for both the Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.



The son of Machiyo Takeshita, Max was given up for adoption by his birth mother and subsequently adopted by the Bergmans. His real mother was killed by Deacon MacKenna, a serial killer known as the Trashman. Unknown to Max, his mother returned for him years later, wanting to know how he was and where he was now that she had her life together and could take care of him.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2

In Ha'alele (episode), after the murder of Angela O'Hara, Max insists that the Five-O team reopen the Trashman murders which were solved years before, believing the killer to be the Trashman. Eventually Max reveals the reasoning behind his insistence: the Trashman had murdered his biological mother when he was young. Max assists the team with the investigation and is proven right that the jailed man is not the killer. It turns out to be Deacon MacKenna, the deacon at the church where Max was left as a child. He was murdering women who left their babies behind as his own mother did the same to him. Max is captured and McKenna informs him that years after being abandoned, his mother came back for him, something he never knew. While McKenna is distracted by Chin Kelly and Kono coming to his rescue, Max cuts himself free with a piece of glass and kills McKenna with it when he comes back and tries to kill him. Max is left stunned by actually killing someone, but recovers quickly and is there when the man wrongly accused of the Trashman murders is freed.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3

Max walks with a cane at the beginning of the season. There is no explanation given.

In the episode Ha'awe Make Loa he asks out Sabrina Lane, a bank teller he has gone to see every week on Fridays. There is a bank heist in which Sabrina gets shot. She gets taken to the hospital, where Max stays beside her bed to take care of her until her parents arrive from the mainland.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5


Max is slightly awkward in his interactions. He has a habit of taking rhetorical questions literally and giving a bit too much information at times.

He likes pop culture and talks about is quite a lot during his interactions with the team. It goes as far as organising a movie night for the team, inviting everyone through email.

Physical ppearance

Max can usually be seen wearing a lab coat when working in the lab and dark blue overalls when working on a crime scene. He has has short black hair and wears glasses. At the end of season 2/start of season 3 he started walking with a short black walking stick. He stopped using his walking stick in Ohuna, episode seven of the third season.

Max has dressed up in costumes in several of his appearances.

In the episode Mohai in the second season he wears a halloween costume of Keanu Reeves character in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. He states "I'm continuing my tradition of Keanu based costumes."


As the Medical Examiner for HPD and the team, Max is skilled in performing autopsies on the various victims that he comes across with Max's findings often determining if the death was natural or homicide.


As seen in episode Ha'awe Make Loa, Sabrina and Max met at the bank where Sabrina was a teller. Max was a regular costumer who comes by every Friday to in his checks. He had been trying to work up his nerve to ask her for her number to plan a date, when she gave it to him. However, at that point a bank heist happened and Sabrina got shot. Max called an ambulance and rushed after her to the hospital. There he stayed at her bedside and took care of her. At the end of the episode, Max has prepared the hospital cafeteria with a candle and plates to emulate a romantic dinner. Sabrina kisses him on his cheek and thanks him, saying she loves it.

Afterwards, it is implied that they are in a committed relationship, however, Sabrina is only seen in one more episode so far, Kupouli 'la.


Season Two
Ha'i'ole Ua Lawe Wale Kame'e Mea Makamae Ma'eme'e Ka Hakaka Maika'i Ka Iwi Kapu Lapa'au Ike Maka Kil'ilua Pahele Alaheo Pau'ole
Ka Ho' Oponopono Pu'olo Mai Ka Wa Kahiko I Helu Pu Kupale Lekio Kalele Ha'alele Pa Make Loa Ua Hopu Ua Hala
Season Six
Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie Lehu a Lehu Ua 'o'oloku ke anu i na mauna Ka Papahana Holo Pono Ka 'alapahi nui Na Pilikua Nui Na Kama Hele Piko Pau 'iole Hana Keaka Ka Makau kaa kaua Kuleana Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha
Umia Ka Hanu Hoa 'Inea Ke Koa Lokomaika'i Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a Waiwai Kanaka Hahai Episode 19 pisode 20 pisode 21 pisode 22 pisode 23 pisode 24

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