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Dr. Max Bergman
Max Bergman
Hawaii Five-0, S1, 2, 3 & 4
Girlfriend Sabrina Lane
Adoptive parents
Michiyo Takeshita (mother, deceased)
Unnamed sibling
Unnamed niece.
Portrayed by

Dr. Max Bergman is the Chief Medical Examiner who is frequently seen in most episodes dealing with a dead body.


Max is a genius who plays the piano and is a comic book enthusiast. His biological mother, Michiyo Takeshita unexpectedly gave birth to him. Not knowing what to do, she gave Max to a church. A few years later, she revisited the church and wanted her son back as she had straightened her life out. She was later killed by the Deacon, also known as the 'Trashman.' Max never met his biological mother and was later adopted and given the name, 'Bergman.'

He also has his fair share of knowledge on world events such as World War II and the 'Battle of the Bulge'. Sometimes, the Five-0 team can be either amused or annoyed at Max's nature and sarcasm. He is considered a close friend to the team, and he had treated McGarrett after he was stabbed by Victor Hesse.

In the season 2 finale, while the Five-0 team and HPD investigate the murder of Captain Fryer, Max follows a trail of blood to the shooter. He is shot in the abdomen but later recovers in hospital.

By season 3, he is back to work in the morgue although he is seen temporarily using a cane to help him walk.


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

In the finale, Max is shot by a suspect, and later shown recovering in the hospital.

Season ThreeEdit

Max is seen at the morgue when Dr. Malia Waincroft is killed. He walks with a cane, still recovering from his gunshot wound. 

Max is currently dating Sabrina Lane, a bank teller he had a crush on.


  • He was adopted by his parents (2.20).
  • His mother was killed by the Trash Man killer (2.20).
  • He is allergic to shrimp (he eats tofu shrimp instead) and thus does not order that from Kamekona and does not drink alcohol.
  • He enjoys crossword puzzles.
  • Makes pickles.
  • Drove a Jeep until he traded his prehistoric fossil collection for a yellow Chevy Camaro (like Danny's car).
  • Has an unseen roommate who's clothing size fit Steve McGarrett (2.01).
  • He has a niece who recommends the dress shop Danny visits with Grace (3.06).

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