Dracul Comescu
Dracul Comescu
Biographical Information
Name: Dracul Comescu
Title: Dracul Comescu
Family: All family members deceased
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Pa Make Loa
Portrayed by: Craig Robert Young

Character Flag - Romanian Male Criminal Killer Season 2

Dracul Comescu was a Romanian-born national who was also the sworn enemy of NCIS Special Agent G. Callen, Comescu's family having killed Callen's family in a decades-long feud between the two families.

Comescu originally appeared in the TV series, "NCIS: Los Angeles", debuting in the Season 3 premiere episode, "Lange, H" where he was later captured by the OSP team of Callen, Special Agent Sam Hanna, Special Agent Kensi Blye and LAPD/NCIS Liaison Officer, Detective Marty Deeks.

Unfortunately, Comescu escaped, eventually emerging in Hawaii several months where his fingerprints were later found at the scene of a murder scene where he had killed Ken Tanner, the manager of a drug trail.

After discovering that Comescu was a person of interest to the NCIS: Office of Special Projects, temporary Hawaii Five-0 leader, Detective Danny Williams contacted Callen and Sam to inform them of what had happened with the two NCIS agents agreeing to fly out to Hawaii later that night to aid Hawaii Five-0 with the investigation.

A series of events later led the team to confront Comescu and some men in the International Market.

Comescu tried to escape but Callen got to him first and attempted to arrest him, only for Comescu to try and fight back, forcing Callen to shoot Comescu while also ending the raging feud for good.


  • Ken Tanner- (killed him by fracturing his skull, then tried to cover it up as a suicide via C02 poisoning).
  • G. Callen- (attempted, pulled out a vial of hemorrhagic small pox in order to expose Agent Callen. Callen puts two in his chest to defend himself.


  • Comescu's weapon of choice in "Pa Make Loa" is a Glock 17 that has been converted to Full Auto.
  • Craig Robert Young who plays Comescu is originally from the United Kingdom.