Drago Zanovic
Drago Zanovic
Biographical Information
Name: Drago Zanovic
Family: Unknown
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Appeared: Ohana
Portrayed by: Peter Stormare

Character Flag - Russian Male Criminal Season 1

Drago Zanovic is a Russian mobster responsible for kidnapping former NSA cyber-terrorism expert, Roland Lowry. He also organized the abduction of Eric Lowry and Hawaii Five-0 Officer Kono Kalakaua.

He then used the three as hostages during a deal in which an unknown group brought the Skeleton Key, only for the deal to be interrupted by Kono's colleagues, Steve McGarrett, Chin Ho Kelly and Danny Williams who stormed into the warehouse, triggering a gunfight.

Everyone except for Drago's agent, Natalie Reed and a few henchmen escaped alive with Danny arresting Zanovic seconds later.