Draw Me A Killer
Season 6, Episode 2
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date September 19, 1973
Written by Walter Black
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Episode Guide
Charter for Death

Draw Me A Killer is the 2nd episode of Season 6 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O


Every 42 days there have been 4 random killings-a sailor; a banker; a pawnbroker and a lawyer. Will Detective Danny Williams be victim # 5?


A psychotic young man is obsessed with the comic strip character "Judy Moon" and as a result of that obsession he murders four men who are dead ringers for villains that threaten "Judy" in the comic strip. Danny is then chosen to act as bait to flush the killer out. However, things become complicated when a young woman who resembles "Judy" is being stalked by the killer.


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