The Hawaii 50 Drinking Game(having different variety's on the game_

The TV-show drinking game involves giving everyone a glass of beer (with an endless supply); that will also work with The Official "Hawaii Five-O Drinking Game", but for most enjoyment it's recommended that everybody playing have fruity drinks or something on the "fu-fu" side.

---Terms of Endearment--

  1. Anyone at Five-O calls anyone else "bruddah:" SIP.
  2. McGarrett calls his assistants "gentlemen:" SIP.
  3. McGarrett refers to his secretary Jennie by name: SIP.
  4. McGarrett calls the Governor "Sir:" SIP.
  5. McGarrett calls Danny Williams "Dan-O:" CHUG.
  6. Anyone says "aloha:" SIP.
  7. Anyone says "mahalo:" CHUG.

--Office Etiquette--

  1. McGarrett hangs up on someone without saying "goodbye:" SIP.
  2. The number of Five-O people standing around listening in McGarrett's office exceeds three: SIP.
  3. McGarrett brings a chalk board, easel, or poster board into his office to help unravel the crime: CHUG.
  4. Anyone asks to be "patched through" to anyone else: SIP.
  5. McGarrett asks to be "patched through" to anyone else: CHUG.


  1. Five-O conducts an illegal search: SIP.
  2. Five-O detains anyone illegally: SIP.
  3. Five-O questions anyone without notifying them of their Miranda rights: SIP.
  4. McGarrett tells anyone he's "just a cop; not the judge and jury:" CHUG.

--Elements Of Style--

  1. McGarrett wears a suit with lapels more than four inches wide: SIP.
  2. McGarrett wears a tie with a knot more than two inches across: SIP.
  3. Anyone from Five-O wears a loud Hawaiian shirt: SIP.
  4. Any woman wears a mumu: SIP.
  5. McGarrett wears a leisure suit. CHUG.

--Police Procedures--

  1. McGarrett arrives at the scene of the crime, asks Danny or Chin Ho, "What have you got?": SIP.
  2. Chin Ho puts his pipe in his mouth: SIP.
  3. McGarrett goes to the Governor's office: SIP.
  4. McGarrett goes to Che Fong's lab: SIP.
  5. Someone from Five-O tails a suspect unnoticed from a discrete distance of one car-length: CHUG.
  6. Someone from Five-O keeps a suspect under surveillance unnoticed by sitting ten feet away reading a newspaper: CHUG.
  7. The sound of squealing tires is dubbed in for a car driving on the beach: CHUG.

--McGarrett's Philosophy of Life--

  1. McGarrett mocks a feminist woman: SIP.
  2. McGarrett mocks a feminist woman and later tries to score with her: CHUG.
  3. McGarrett lectures on the dangers of a free press: CHUG.
  4. McGarrett lectures about drugs: CHUG.
  5. Anyone offers McGarrett a drink and he says "I don't use alcohol:" CHUG.
  6. Anyone disagrees McGarrett and then gets the smug treatment later when McGarrett turns out to be right: CHUG.
  7. McGarrett arrests some nobody who's technically broken some law but clearly isn't a criminal- type, and says, "I don't make deals:" CHUG.

--Crime on the Islands--

  1. Anyone dies by falling/being thrown off a cliff into the ocean: SIP.
  2. The villain is a Mafiosa: SIP.
  3. The villain is an amateur who is in it for the thrills and gets lectured about morality by McGarrett after being apprehended:Chug
  4. The villain is Wo Fat [Khigh Dheigh]: SIP.
  5. The villain is L. A. Filer [Hume Cronyn]: CHUG.

--Guest Stars--

  1. The guest star was unknown but became a popular film, television, or recording star in the 1980s or 1990's: SIP.
  2. The guest star was a film, television, or recording star from the 1950s or 1960s on the skids: CHUG.
  3. The guest star is William Shatner, Paul Williams, or Helen Hayes: CHUG.
  4. Any guest star gets to sing: CHUG.
  5. Daddy Rich Alexander V. Cheever, stars as himself. PAY FOR NEXT ROUND
  6. Alexander V. Cheever does the Humpty Dance. DO THE SAME

--Justice Prevails--

  1. Someone from Five-O saves someone about to fall/ be thrown off a cliff into the ocean, at the last possible minute: Sip
  2. McGarrett himself shoots/captures the villain at the end of the episode: SIP.
  3. McGarrett helps a woman back to his car with his arm around her waist at the end of the episode: CHUG.
  4. McGarrett says "Book 'em:" SIP.
  5. McGarrett says "Book 'em" and specifies the charges: CHUG.
  6. McGarrett gives steely-jawed grin as lock of hair falls across his squinty eyes: CHUG.

(this game as been adapted/altered from many variations on the popular game)