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Duke Lukela
Biographical Information
Real Name: Edward Duke Lukela
Relationships: Steve McGarrett (Partner/Boss/Friend)

Chin Ho Kelly (Best Friend)

Height: 5' 10
Character Information
First appearance: Full Fathom Five
Portrayed by: Herman Wedemeyer
Remake Actor: Dennis Chun

Duke Lukela is a character of the original series of Hawaii Five-O.

Original SeriesEdit

Edward "Duke" Lukela was a HPD officer, later promoted to HPD detective in 1975 and Five-O detective in 1976. He was accused of police corruption, but the accusations were later removed.


Duke is son of missionaries. He has a 22-year cousin who lives in Maui and had a baby with a man that disappeared after the baby was born. Duke helped her open a little store there.

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