For A Million...Why Not?
Season 4, Episode 8
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date November 9, 1971
Written by Eric Bercovici
Jerry Ludwig
Directed by Ron Winston
Episode Guide
Air Cargo---Dial for Murder
The Burning Ice

For A Million...Why Not? is the 8th episode of Season 4 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O


While Steve McGarrett is at the Oparta trial (No Bottles...No Cans...No People), a rightwing fanatic war veteran, Hawkins, is the leader of a gang that murders and steals an armored car with $6,0000,000-and Danny Williams has to stop Hawkins and recover the loot! In a climatic scene Hawkins and his gang are trapped in a Oakland California warehouse; Hawkins tries to get away in the armored car; the insane Hawkins is shot, tries to run Danny Williams down in the truck but ends up being burned alive!



  • Once again, Al Harrington plays a killer
  • Plot Holes: The "Armored Car" is actually a utility truck. In the hijacking 3 guards are killed (2 shot and 1 suffocated); although only two bodies are found initally-yet McGarret remarks about the 3 murders-even before the third victium is found! {Although presumedly the third victium is found after the truck is recaptured!} One of the Extras playing a policeman in the shottout resembles the 3rd victium...if so it would be an extra playing two parts....coincidence?
  • In the climatic last scene in the shootout between Hawkins and the police, Hawkins is seen being shot and then burned alive; of the five person gang three are captured, the remaining last one is killed-presuemdly with HAwkins-although Hawkins is the only one seen in the truck cab!
  • The late Sam Melville also played a part on a three part epsiode "Gold Train: The Bullett" the TV show Gunsmoke as a member of an outlaw gang that steals a wagon load of gold from a train-yet end up unable to escape in the middle of nowhere, stranded with the gold and no food or water! Ironically, Melville's best known part is that of a policeman on the TV show The Rookies (co-star was Gerald S. O'Laughlin, who played a convict on Hawaii Five-O.).
  • Take a look at the car Hawkins drives away in after the robbery-a classic 1950's coupe!

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