Frank Delano's gang was a gang that consisted exclusively of crooked ex-cops, led by former crooked Honolulu Police Department (HPD) homicide detective-turned gangster Frank Delano.


  • Frank Delano (Leader/Shot dead by Chin Ho Kelly)
  • Ray Mapes (Second-in-command/In Custody)
  • Jack (Chief enforcer and bodyguard of Delano/Shot dead by Danny Williams)
  • Devon Akina (Henchman/Shot dead by Kono Kalakua)
  • Officer Kono Kalakaua(Temporarily/Undecover/Alive)
  • Dwight Murphy (Hitman/Shot dead by Lori Weston)
  • Wo Fat (2010) (Associate/Shot dead by Steve McGarrett)
  • Delano Henchman 1 (Henchman/Shot dead by Steve McGarrett)
  • Delano Henchman 2 (Henchman/Shot dead by Danny Williams)


The gang was conceived at some point prior to 2010, with Delano serving as the leader of the crew.

Under the orders of Captain Vince Fryer, who was also Delano's former partner, Officer Kono Kalakaua, after being "stripped" of her badge went undercover to bring down Delano and his organization.

The operation was so secretive that Kono's colleagues were unaware of what was really going on and even began believing that Kono had gone corrupt although Fryer and Kono later told the team the truth concerning the undercover operation.

During a attempt to rob a bank, Delano's right-hand man Ray Mapes was captured and his bodyguard and enforcer Jack was shot to death by Danny while Delano himself was eventually arrested and jailed although in the Season 2 finale episode, Ua Hala (episode), he blackmailed Chin into freeing him from prison and later forced him to choose between Kono and his wife, Dr. Malia Waincroft.

Chin chose Malia and headed home, only to discover that she had been shot by Delano's men. Prior to that, Chin also contacted Kono's boyfriend, Adam Noshimuri who saved Kono from death but tragically, Malia succumbed to her wounds, leaving Chin devastated and hellbent on avenging Malia's passing.

In the Season 3 premiere episode, La O Na Makuahine (episode) Delano and his crew got into HPD Headquarters after forging a deal with Wo Fat.

Luckily, though, Hawaii Five-0 caught word and were on the getaway vehicle within minutes with many members of the crew dying in the gunfight that erupted between the two teams.

After all of his men are killed, Delano fled and attempted to escape, only to be confronted by Chin who cornered him and shot Delano point-blank in cold-blood with his shotgun, killing the former corrupt cop and avenging Malia.

With Delano and many of his henchmen either killed by 5-0 or imprisoned, Delano's gang was disbanded.

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