Fred Doran
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Biographical Information
Name: Fred Doran
Title: Fred Doran
Family: Girlfriend- Jaycee
Physical Description
Status: Deceased- shot dead by Danny Williams.
Character Information
Appeared: Pilot
Portrayed by: Jonathan Clarke Sypert

Fred Doran was an arms dealer who Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett wanted to hunt down in order to find out where Victor Hesse was, Hesse being the one who had murdered Steve's father, John.

Once there, Steve and Detective Danny Williams witnessed him fighting with Jaycee.

Danny restrained Jaycee, who managed to warn Doran who in turn started a firefight, injuring Danny in the left shoulder and sending the former New Jersey Detective landing onto a car.

Doran ran through the backyard to a busy market with Steve hot on his tail. While there, he took a woman carrying a crate of fruit hostage. Steve confronted him with Doran telling him that if Steve didn't lower his weapon, then Doran would shoot the hostage.

Steve was in the process of doing so while Doran raised his machine guns, only to be seconds later, dying instantly with the shooter being revealed as none other than Danny although Steve was clearly dismayed at the fact that someone who knew where his father's murderer was had been killed.