Freddie Hart
Freddie Hart
Biographical Information
Real Name: Freddie Hart
Title: Lieutenant
Dies: September 2010
Wife: Kelly Hart
Children: Daughter
Affiliations: Black Op

Naval Intelligence
United States Navy
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado

Physical Description
Height: 6'2
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Olelo Pa'a
Portrayed by: Alan Ritchson

Freddie Hart was a Navy SEAL who served alongside Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett with the two having previously trained together under Joe White's command during BUD/S.

Hart was also present with Steve when they went to capture Anton Hesse prior to the Pilot episode, Anton at the time being under the protection of militia who worked for Han Ji-Woon but the mission ended in tragedy when Hart suffered fatal injuries and later died with Steve and the team being forced to abandon Hart's remains.

Nearly two or three years later, in 2013, Steve and Catherine Rollins arrived in the Korean Demilitarized Zone to bring Hart's remains back for burial but discovered that the body was not Hart as Hart had a tattoo of his wife's name while the body that Steve and Catherine found had no such mark.

The two eventually headed across the border into North Korea to retrieve Hart's remains and Steve later captured a militia man who led Steve and Catherine to Hart's remains.

Once there, Steve was shocked to learn that Hart's remains had been desecrated and swore revenge against Han Ji-Woon who later captured Steve and Catherine but the two were able to free themselves and escape while killing Han Ji-Woon in revenge.

Steve and Catherine later escaped, returning to Hawaii while bringing the remains with them. Hart was later laid to rest at a funeral which Steve, Catherine and Joe White along with various Navy and SEAL personnel also attended with Steve's H50 colleagues of Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua in attendance as well albeit at a small distance due to the fact that the funeral was military-based.


  • In a deleted scene in Pale'la Steve McGarrett attends an anonymous meeting for military personals suffering from PTSD. There he talks about how his best friend Freddie's death affected him.