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Governor Pat "Patricia" Jameson
Governor Pat Jameson
New 2010
Deceased- died after being shot by Wo Fat.
Portrayed by
Jean Smart

Patricia "Pat" Jameson was the late governor of Hawaii who established the Five-O Task Force, giving Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (2010) and his team full immunity and means to "clean up the islands".

She appeared in the Pilot (episode), Nalowale (episode) and Oia'i'o (episode) but although she was loyal to the team, she was also friends with known criminals such as Hiro Noshimuri and Wo Fat.

She was revealed to have been in league with Wo Fat and even had her assistant, Laura Hills killed in a car bomb.

When McGarrett confronted Governor Jameson in her office, he was tasered by Wo Fat who in turn shot Jameson twice in the chest, killing her instantly before leaving the gun in McGarrett's hand and fleeing the scene, making it look like McGarrett had killed the Governor.

After Jameson's death, Governor Samuel Denning replaced her as the governor of Hawaii while McGarrett was jailed for supposedly killing Jameson but was eventually found innocent of any involvement in Jameson's murder.

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