Halawa Correctional Facility is one of the most commonly used prisons in the series. It is located on Oahu.

Notable InmatesEdit

  • Victor Hesse- (sent there after being arrested for killing Steve McGarrett's father, John. Eventually died at the hands of crime boss, Wo Fat).
  • Det. Kaleo- (sent there after being found guilty of being a mole in the HPD Department and for also killing Det. Meka Hanamoa. Got into a fight with Chin Ho Kelly during the prison riots which ended with Kaelo dying at Chin's hand).
  • Walton Dawkin- (escaped, later shot dead by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, the head of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force).
  • Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret- (pardoned after being wrongfully imprisoned for killing Governor Pat Jameson).
  • Sang Min- (escaped, currently at large).
  • Chin Ho Kelly- (an unlawful prisoner, was eventually rescued by Steve, Detective Danny Williams and Officer Kono Kalakaua).


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