Halawa Correctional Facility is one of the most commonly used prisons in the series. It is located on Oahu.

Notable InmatesEdit

  • Victor Hesse- (sent there after being arrested for killing Steve McGarrett's father, John. Eventually died at the hands of crime boss, Wo Fat).
  • Det. Kaleo- (sent there after being found guilty of being a mole in the HPD Department and for also killing Det. Meka Hanamoa. Got into a fight with Chin Ho Kelly during the prison riots which ended with Kaelo dying at Chin's hand).
  • Walton Dawkins- (escaped, later shot dead by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, the head of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force).
  • Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett- (pardoned after being wrongfully imprisoned for killing Governor Pat Jameson).
  • Sang Min- (escaped, currently at large).
  • Chin Ho Kelly- (an unlawful prisoner, was eventually rescued by Steve, Detective Danny Williams and Officer Kono Kalakaua).
  • Frank Delano- (released by Chin Ho Kelly, who he blackmailed, later killed by the latter)
  • Wo Fat- (escaped during transport, later killed by Steve McGarrett)
  • Paul Delano- (sent there after being arrested for kidnapping Detective Chin Ho Kelly and sending him to Halawa to have him killed)
  • Gabriel Waincroft- (sent there after being arrested for the murder of Chin Ho Kelly’s father, Kam Tong Kelly, was released by Rex Coughlin, whom he killed then escaped, was later shot and died of cardiac arrest)
  • Jason Duclair- (escaped, died in a wildfire)
  • Adam Noshimuri- (released on parole after serving 18 months for obstruction of justice)
  • Richard Branch- (wrongfully convicted for the Trashman murders, released after the real killer was killed by Dr. Max Bergman)
  • Aaron Wright- (sent there after being arrested for hacking into the prison system and releasing Jason Duclair, was later released to help the Hawaii Five-O Task Force, escaped in the process)