Kurt Hoeff
Biographical Information
Name: Kurt Hoeff
Title: Kurt Hoeff
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ha'i'ole
Portrayed by: Jay Freis

Character  Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 2

Haul Yorutt Aka Kurt Hoeff is a German arms dealer in league with Wo Fat.

He made a deal between Wo Fat in which he would give Wo Fat materials for a bomb in exchange for a lot of cash.

He is able to set up a meeting between him and Fat, who sends him one of his henchmen Will ling to retrieve the bomb materials. He successfully meets with Ling, unaware that one of Five-O was watching and sees the money from Wo Fat. Yorutt agreed to deliver the bomb materials to Wo Fat's designated location.

Some time later, Five-O is able to locate him and Yorutt is subsequently shot dead by Danny Williams in self-defense, guarding the van that housed the bomb materials.