Hillary Chaver
Hillary Chaver
Biographical Information
Name: Hillary Chaver
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ua Hala
Portrayed by: Taylor Cole

Character Flag - American Female Criminal Killer Deceased Season 2

Hilary Chaver was a bank robber responsible for the death of Chief Fryer and for also blowing up the HPD Department building which left many officers injured including Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly. She also shot Max Bergman in the abdomen.

She later headed to a veterinary hospital, forcing the vet to treat her at gunpoint before she murdered both the vet and his receptionist.

She later took out a sniper rifle and attempted to kill the team, only for McGarrett to kill her after he wheeled a chair into the room she was in, acting as a decoy with McGarrett stating that he had shot Chaver in revenge for killing Fryer.


Chaver was by all accounts, a sociopath, with little regard for human life. She often manipulated her victims before killing them, presumably because she felt that they had outlived their usefulness to her and also because she probably feared that they could go the police if let go.

She also had no mercy or remorse for her actions or crimes whatsoever.


Firearms Edit

Chaver displayed exceptional skill with firearms and was even able to assemble a rifle quickly despite the Hawaii Five-0 team closing in on her location.

She was also a sharp shooter with incredible marksmanship as every shot she fired usually killed her victims or left them in a badly wounded state.