Honolulu Police Department
Honolulu Police Department
Biographical Information
Members: Captain Tanaka

Captain Vince Fryer
Chief of Police Mahaka
Sergeant Duke Lukela
Sergeant Cage
John McGarrett
Detective Chan
Detective Kaleo
Harry Brown
Frank Delano
Pua Kai
Eric Russo (Crime lab)
Dr. Charles Fong (Crime lab)
Max Bergman (Forensic)
Noelani Cunha (Forensic)
Chin Ho Kelly (Former)
Kono Kalakaua (Former)
Lou Grover (Former)

Status: Active

Hawaii Five-0 Task Force

First appearance: Pilot

The Honolulu Police Department is a building that served as the main headquarters for the Honolulu Police Department.

Detective Danny Williams, Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly and Officer Kono Kalakaua worked there as well before joining Hawaii Five-0 which Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett leads. The Five-0 taskforce usually liases with Sergeant Duke Lukela at crimescenes.

The building was destroyed in an explosion that criminal Hillary Chaver arranged during the Season Two finale, Ua Hala but it was later presumably repaired, rebuilt and reopened for business during Season 3.