Jordan Rutherford
Biographical Information
Name: Jordan Rutherford
Title: Jordan Rutherford
Parents: Donald Rutherford
Physical Description
Status: Imprisoned.
Character Information
Portrayed by: Unknown

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Killer Season 2

Jordan Rutherford was a young man who was the suspected killer of Vicky Hailama, a college student. Jordan's father is Donald Rutherford, a business man.

Rutherford Jr. received many pleas from Vicky's parents to turn himself in but refused to do so.

Donald later hid his son in a cellar in a home while finalizing arrangements that would see his son escaping to China to face being trial. Unfortunately, a fisherman Jack Leung came across the plan, forcing Donald to kill him and dump his body down a small cliff where Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret and Detective Danny Williams later discovered the remains, prompting an investigation to be launched.

After Steve and Danny confronted him, Donald, holding a gun on them stated that his son had made a single mistake and that Jordan shouldn't spend the rest of his life paying, not realizing the severity of the situation.

Eventually, Danny and Steve arrested Donald while Jordan who was caught by the Chinese police was escorted back to Hawaii by some Chinese police officers and later taken into custody much to the relief of Vicky's parents.

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