Joshua Hirsch
Biographical Information
Name: Joshua Hirsch
Real Name: Joshua Hirsch
Current Location: North Korea
Wife: Jenna Kaye(Fiancee)
Affiliations: CIA
Physical Description
Status: Deceased - Wo Fat
Character Information
Appeared: Kil'ilua

Joshua Hirsch was a highly respected CIA agent who went missing during a highly classified operation (Operation Switchback) and as such, Hirsch was later declared dead, prompting Jenna Kaye, Hirsch's fiancee with Jenna trying to save him from Wo Fat by making a deal to exchange him for Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret.

According to Jenna, Josh's marriage proposal car didn't work so he used his bike and he got in a car crash. When he was at the hospital the doctors had to put pins inside his knee. She told him he rushed for nothing. He said it wasn't for nothing and gave her the ring.

One of Wo Fat's henchman led Jenna Kaye to her fiance, only to find that he was already dead, Hirsch having succumbed to the effects of Wo Fat's torture and poor medical treatment.

Upon realizing that she had been tricked, Jenna killed the henchman and removed a pin from Josh's knee to give to Steve to use as a lock-pick with Wo Fat killing Jenna seconds later by shooting her, leaving Steve hellbent on avenging Jenna's death.

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