Kouji Noshimuri
Kouji Noshimuri
Biographical Information
Name: Kouji Noshimuri
Real Name: Kouji Noshimuri
Originally From: Tokyo, Japan
Family: Hiro Noshimuri † (Brother)

Adam Noshimuri (Nephew) Michael Noshimuri † (Nephew)

Affiliations: Yakuza
Physical Description
Height: 6'
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ke Kinohi
Portrayed by: William Maeda

Character Flag - Japanese Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 1

Koji Noshimuri is a man who appeared in Ke Kinohi and is responsible for the death of Doris McGarrett, John McGarrett's wife and Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret's mother. He was killed by Wo Fat, whom was tying up lose ends.

He is the brother of the former head of the Yakuza, Hiro Noshimuri and the uncle of Adam Noshimuri

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