Little Girl Blue
Season 5, Episode 20
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date February 13, 1973
Written by Leonard Freeman
Directed by Bob Sweeney
Episode Guide
Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?

Little Girl Blue is the 20th episode of Season 5 in the original version of Hawaii Five-0.


A young girl is kidnapped by two criminals; a brain-damaged veteran and a man with a weak heart and Detective Captain Steve McGarrett has to rescue the girl from a World War II bunker. This episode has a shocking twist ending!



  • The same location was used in And I want some candy and a gun that shoots..
  • Jackie Coogan was one of the highest paid child stars of the 1920s and co-starred with Charlie Chaplin. Ironically his most well known part is that of the creepy "Uncle Fester" in "The Adams Family".

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