Los Angeles, California
Biographical Information
Citizens: Eric Beale

G. Callen
Henrietta Lange
Kensi Blye
Marty Deeks
Nell Jones
Sam Hanna
Mary McGarrett (Former)
Steve McGarrett (Former)

First appearance: Touch of Death


From the Season 2/NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 crossover episode, "Pa Make Loa".

Los Angeles, California is a city located in America and also where John McGarrett sent his two children, Mary McGarrett and Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret after their mother died.

It's also the location of the NCIS: Office of Special Projects and it's also where the second and final part of the Hawaii Five-0/NCIS: Los Angeles concluded with the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 episode, "Touch of Death".


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