Machiyo Takeshita
Machiyo Takeshita
Biographical Information
Name: Machiyo Takeshita
Title: Machiyo Takeshita
Originally From: Tokyo, Japan
Children: Dr. Max Bergman
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ha'alele

Machiyo Takeshita was a young woman who was the second victim of the serial killer, the Trashman due to the fact that she was one of the young, unwed mothers who left their babies at St. Martin's, a church in Hawaii.

Dr. Max Bergman, the Medical Examiner for the Hawaii Five-0 team later revealed that Machiyo was in fact his biological mother. Her killer, Deacon MacKenna tells Max that his mother returned for him years later having gotten her life together. She wanted to find him and be in his life again but was murdered instead. Max never knew until he came face to face with her killer.

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