Biographical Information
Name: Marku
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Appeared: Pa Make Loa
Portrayed by: Enver Gjokaj

Marku is a man who appeared in the Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 episode, Pa Make Loa (episode) and briefly during the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 crossover episode, Touch of Death (episode).

Marku served as Dracul Comescu's driver and after an intense chase that pitted Marku against the temporary leader of the H50 Task Force, Detective Danny Williams, NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna and fellow H50 Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret and Sam's partner, fellow NCIS Special Agent G. Callen, Marku was left injured in the resulting crash and was then taken to hospital for treatment while the joint H50/NCIS task force continued searching for Comescu.

Danny and Chin later returned to the hospital where they "tortured" Maru into giving them the name of the doctor responsible for running the research: Dr Jarrod Prodeman.

Danny then told Marku that the liquid he'd injected into Marku's IV line was actually Vitamin D which in turn would help heal Marku's injuries.

It's presumed that after making a full recovery, Marku was arrested and jailed.

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