Natalie Reed
Biographical Information
Name: Natalie Reed
Real Name: Nadia Lukovic
Family: Unknown
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Ohana
Portrayed by: Ivana Milicevic

Character Flag - Russian Female Criminal Killer Deceased Season 1

Natalie Reed was a part of Drago Zanovic's Serbian gang, having posed as the girlfriend of Roland Lowry as a way for the gang to get to Lowry's "Skeleton Key", an object which was capable of hacking into anything possible.

After Lowry was kidnapped, Kono Kalakaua was sent to protect Lowry's son, Eric Lowry with Kono later discovering a note and realizing that Natalie was involved.

This led to the two engaging in a brutal fight with Natalie trying to kill Kono and the fight wound up in the Lowry's pool with Drago himself later breaking up the fight by taking Eric hostage, forcing Kono to surrender and become a hostage.

The group headed to Dillingham Airfield where a large deal was made in exchange for an unknown group obtaining the Skeleton Key.

Thankfully, just as Natalie was about to kill Kono, Kono's colleagues, Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams and Chin Ho Kelly, arrived on scene, triggering a massive gunfight.

In the process of their battle, Natalie shot a large propane tank causing a fire with Steve realizing that the hangar was about to blow before ordering everyone to evacuate which they did with the building exploding seconds later with Natalie dying in the explosion.