O kela me keia Manama
(Now and Then)
Season 4, Episode 12
O kela me keia Manama
Air date January 9th, 2014
Written by John Dove
Directed by Peter Weller
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Hana Lokomaika'i

O kela me keia Manama (Now and Then) is the 12th episode of Season 4 in the remake version of Hawaii Five-0.


Steve helps Lou Grover investigate a friend of Grover's, who has apparently disappeared, only to discover that the friend has a dark secret while Kono continues searching for Adam.


Five-0 are searching for Jack Anderson, a friend of Grover's who is on the run after killing a local gangster outside a bar. The team later discover that Anderson is really Jack Mitchell, a former Green Beret wanted for the manslaughter of the wife of a newlywed couple twenty years before.

Further evidence reveals that the victim's husband is in Hawaii and ordered a hit out against him.

The team must find Mitchell, who has long since disappeared, and the victim's vengeful husband before the situation ends badly.

Meanwhile, Danno flirts with a young woman, Amber Vitale (Lili Simmons), at a gas station, only to later rescue her after she was shot while on a drive.

Kono reunites with Adam in Vancouver to tell him that he is now free from Yakuza reprisal. They then proceed to return home and are eventually reunited with the H50 team and their close friends, who welcome them back.

Notes Edit

  • Amber Vitale is introduced.
  • The shooting of Amber through an open rear car's window is reminiscent of the 1967 Nancy McEwen shooting death in New York where a driver was shot dead by a bullet, which entered her car through the open window.


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Name Portrayed by Role
Steve McGarrett
Alex O'Loughlin A Navy SEAL and leader of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.
Danny Williams
Scott Caan 2nd-in-command of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and Steve's partner.
Chin Ho Kelly
Daniel Dae Kim A member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force.
Kono Kalakaua
Grace Park Youngest member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, and cousin of Chin.
Dr. Max Bergman Masi Oka Chief Medical Examiner for the Hawaii Five-0 team.
Catherine Rollins Michelle Borth An Ex-Navy Lieutenant and Steve's on-off girlfriend.

Recurring/Guest StarringEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
Lou Grover Chi McBride Captain of the HPD SWAT team.
Adam Noshimuri Ian Anthony Dale The son Yakuza gangster, Hiro Noshimuri, and Kono's husband.
Kamekona Tupuola Taylor Wily An associate of the H50 team, and owner of The Shrimp Truck.
Dr. Charles Fong Brian Yang Forensic Scientist who works for the HPD and H50.
Sgt. Duke Lukela Dennis Chun Sergeant with the Honolulu Police Department.
Amber Vitale Lili Simmons Danny Williams's new Love interest.
Grace Williams Teilor Grubbs Danny Williams's daughter and first born child.
Flippa Tupuola Shawn Mokuahi Garnett An associate of the H50 team, and cousin of Kamekona Tupuola.


Name Portrayed by Role
Jack Anderson Karl Makinen AKA "Jack Mitchell".
Dennis Koga Eugene Shaw A man who appears in the episode.
Bridgette Anderson Laurie Fortier Jack Anderson's wife.
Gus Yamada Zeus Kang A man who appears in the episode.
Justin Anderson Spencer Churchill Jack Anderson and Bridgette Anderson's son.
Matt Haley Zay Harding A man who lost his wife in a crash that Jack Anderson was in back in 1994 and who twenty years later is responsible for putting out a hit against Anderson.

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