Pao Dan
Biographical Information
Name: Pao Dan
Title: Pao Dan
Physical Description
Status: Living
Character Information
Portrayed by: Egan Inoue


Pao Dan is one of Wo Fat's henchmen.

He was one of the bodyguards present at Governor Pat Jameson's funeral guarding Wo Fat along with Will Ling. When he notices Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly approaching Wo Fat he attacks him, along with Will Ling, but is easily defeated, unaware Ling's wallet was stolen by Chin. He and Will Ling then drive away with Wo Fat, after Chin talks with Wo Fat.

He was then one of the many henchmen of Wo Fat's at a boat harbor, loading up the boat, to get ready for sailing. He then catches Officer Kono Kalakaua spying on the boat harbor and brings her to Wo Fat, during which he witnesses Wo Fat throw her computer into the water, and is then ordered by Wo Fat to get rid of her. He then takes her to a car where he blindfolds her and takes her to a place for him to get rid of her

After arriving at this place he takes her out of the car to get rid of her, but she defeats him and forces him to surrender, and afterwards it is implied that he went into custody.