Sabrina Lane
Sabrina Lane
Biographical Information
Name: Sabrina Lane
Title: Sabrina Lane
Originally From: Unknown
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Husband: Max Bergman
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Portrayed by: Rumer Willis

Character Flag - American Female Married Season 3 Season 4

Sabrina Lane is a bank teller that Dr. Max Bergman has a crush on.

Season 3 Edit

She is first seen in Ha'awe Make Loa. On the day he worked up the nerve to ask her out, her branch was robbed, and Sabrina being shot in the crossfire. Max later visited her in the hospital. They are implied to be in an ongoing relationship in subsequent episodes. She, however, has only appeared in two episodes.

Season 4 Edit

In Kupouli ʻla, Sabrina is at a Halloween beach party with Max, watching a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Max and her are singing along to the song “Time Warp” and dancing to the song. As an injured man dressed as a zombie limps into the party, Max tells Sabrina to stay back. 

Max asks if the man is alright and that he is a doctor. The man shoves Max to the ground and Sabrina rushes over to see if he's okay. 

Sabrina and Max are with the ambulance when Chin arrives on the scene. Chin asks if they're okay, Sabrina says yeah but a little shaken. She comments at the zombie dressed man tried to bite Max when he performed CPR on him. Max then passes out, and Sabrina yells out in concern. 

Sabrina follows after Max as he is wheeled through hospital.

The next day, Max has recovered and he's awake. Sabrina hugs him and says she doesn't know what she would've done if he had lost him. She then asks Max if he really thought it was the zombie apocalypse. Max says no, but if there ever was one and he was bitten he would like Sabrina to kill him before he turned. Sabrina says not a chance, she would make him bite her so that they could live forever, eat brains and have zombie babies. 

Max smiles and shuffles over in the hospital bed, Sabrina sits down next to him. Max comments that their first date was in a hospital and Sabrina says she still has the menu Max made for the vending machine and the scar where she got shot. Max then says it's funny that their relationship keeps circle the intensive care unit, Sabrina says they should probably break the cycle. Max agrees and they both laugh.

Season 7 Edit

In Ka hale ho'okauweli it is discovered that Sabrina and Max are married.