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Sang Min Soo
Sang min
Biographical Information
Originally From: China
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Wife: Unnamed
Children: Son
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Portrayed by: Will Yun Lee

Sang Min Soo is a snakehead facilitator originally from China who specializes in human trafficking.

In addition to that, Min is also helps the Five-0 Task Force from time to time, led by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarret.



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Season 5Edit


He is cheeky, full of himself and obnoxious but is a funny character. He can be cunning, as seen when he escapes from Danny Williams's car. He often hits on Officer Kono Kalakaua calling her "spicy" in addition to her interigating him


Sang Min, when out of prison, usually has his long black hair slicked back. He wears black and maybe a white t-shirt when working with the Five-0 task force.


We are unclear if he has any fighting skills such as martial arts, but because he is involved with human trafficking we know he must be able to fight but he never goes into a meeting alone, as seen in the first season of Hawaii Five-0, and in season 2 episode 10. In season 3 episode 13, he was able to take down two prisoners and escape from prison.

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