Sang Min Soo
Sang min
Biographical Information
Originally From: China
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Wife: Unnamed
Children: Son
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: Will Yun Lee

Character Flag - Chinese Male Criminal Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7

Sang Min Soo is a snakehead facilitator originally from China who specializes in human trafficking.

In addition to that, Min also snitches for the Five-0 Task Force from time to time, led by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.

Season 1 Edit

In episode 1.01 Sang Min is first seen as a human trafficker with ties to Victor Hesse. He first meets the Five-0 team when Kono goes undercover as a women looking to move her family to America. She gets into trouble when Sang Min send her photo to a cop to see if anyone recognizes her as a cop. When she is recognized his men go to shoot when she attacks both of them and then McGarrett and the rest of the team move in to help. They capture Sang Min and release other families he had brought over that were in a shipping container. [1]

We meet Sang Min again throughout the other seasons but the last appearance for Sang Min is in season 7 when he shows up to McGarrett's house covered in blood.

Season 6Edit


He is cheeky, full of himself and obnoxious but is a funny character. He can be cunning, as seen when he escapes from Danny Williams's car. He is also flirty when he sees a pretty girl especially Officer Kono Kalakaua. He often hits her calling her "spicy" in addition to her interrogating him it is his special nickname for her.


Sang Min, when out of prison, usually has his black hair slicked back. He regularly wore it long until his lawyer, Odell Martin, cut his ponytail. When working with the Five-0 task force, Sang Min usually wears all black, or occasionally white t-shirt with black slacks. Sang Min has myopia caused by blunt ocular trauma (nearsightedness due to being hit in the head in a way that affects his eyes). He resisted wearing glasses for many years, but during Season 6 and after he could occasionally be seen wearing black acetate frames in a squared aviator style.


We are unclear if he has any fighting skills such as martial arts, but because he is involved with human trafficking we know he must be able to fight but he never goes into a meeting alone, as seen in the first season of Hawaii Five-0, and in season 2 episode 10. In season 3 episode 13, he was able to take down two prisoners and escape from prison.


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