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Season 3
Background Information
Title: Season 3
Cast: Jack Lord

James MacArthur
Kam Fong
Gilbert Lani Kauhi
Richard Denning
Khigh Dhiegh

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September 16, 1970


And a tIme to die


The Grandstand Play: Part 2

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 of Hawaii Five-O premiered on September 16, 1970. It contained 24 episodes.


Commander McGarrett continues to fight crime, corruption, and potential threats against the country in the State of Hawaii, heading the Five-O Special Crimes Investigations Unit. Alongside him in this fight is Detective Danny Williams, Detective Chin Ho Kelly, and Officer Kono Kalakaua.

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Episode Description
1 And a tIme to die

Wo Fat brings in an assassin to kill a man who made a tour of Communist China and got a good look at its nuclear facilities. The spy freaks out and runs just before the sniper pulls the trigger, and it takes three shots to bring him down. When the man is still alive with a bullet next to his brain, Wo Fat and his goons contact the top neurosurgeon in Hawaii with a request to make sure the spy dies on the operating table. To ensure his "cooperation," the goons kidnap the doctor's daughter and hold her on a boat. McGarrett and a Federal agent embark on an elaborate case of counter-espionage to trick Wo Fat into going back to Peking/Beijing and getting the Party bosses to tear down their nuclear reactors—and to find the girl, her kidnappers and the mole who tipped off Wo Fat in the first place.

2 Trouble in Mind A deadly strain of heroin hits the island.
3 The Second Shot A German journalist, in Honolulu to interview an exile from the Greek military junta's rule, is shot down as he exits the airplane. The journalist survives, but barely, as the bullet came within an eighth of an inch of his heart. The exile, a doctor, takes an interest in the case and secretly moves the journalist into his fortress-like mansion to take care of him himself. But McGarrett becomes suspicious as various details to the shooting don't add up, and comes to think the shooting was a setup for a very different assassination attempt.
4 Time and Memories McGarrett is awakened at 3:00 A.M. by a phone call from a past girlfriend, who hangs up before he is fully awake. The girlfriend then goes back to her husband's beach house and finds him dead from multiple blows to the head. Pieces of evidence around the crime scene implicate the woman, and eventually McGarrett is forced to arrest her (amid numerous flashbacks to their romance when McGarrett was a Navy lieutenant—there are scenes filmed at the U.S.S. Arizona memorial where the woman's brother drowned on December 7, 1941). But not only does McGarrett have to fight his own emotional involvement, he has to check out at least three other possible suspects in the killing: the husband's law partner, his daughter from a previous marriage and the daughter's hot-shot attorney fiancé' who knows a great deal about crime scenes.
5 The Guarnerius Caper A Russian musician is planning a concert using a priceless violin. After it is locked in the trunk of their car, three derelicts steal the car and strip it. Forcing the trunk open, they see the violin and decide to sell it to a violin teacher. Against McGarrett's wishes, the Russian diplomats offer a $10,000 reward for the return of the violin. The punks steal the violin back and kill the teacher. They decide to ask $30,000 for the return of the violin, which the Russian quickly agree to. When the money is delivered, the men decide to kill the Russian violinist, just as McGarret and his men show up.
6 The Ransom The young son of a rich man is kidnapped. Five-O and HPD observe the scene where the kidnappers are to pick up the money. Five-O's Kono corners the kidnappers but ends up being captured. He sets the boy free but is beaten by the kidnappers, who now are demanding ransom for release of the Five-O member.
7 Force of Waves McGarrett narrowly survives an explosion on a boat that claims the life of a prominent businessman who recently married a second "trophy wife." Five-O's investigation initially probes the motives of the young widow and a lawyer on the rich man's payroll.
8 The Reunion "Respectable" Japanese-American businessmen and the former POWs in camps who recognize their tormentors. In this case, three men reunite at the Ilkai Hotel in Honolulu 25 years after they were liberated from a Philippine prison camp. One of the three is relatively healthy, but another drags himself on crutches with a hopelessly mangled leg and another floats through life with a permanent brain injury. The man on crutches spots a businessman, calls him by a very different name and wallops him over the head with the crutches. The name the man utters is that of the prison-camp commandant, who selectively tortured the three men into losing what they wanted the most. It's not long before things begin to escalate. First, the Japanese businessman is trapped in his car with a time bomb ticking down in the engine. Five-O is on the scene and gets him out in the nick of time, and later figures out the bomb plant was a plot to terrorize him...
9 The Late John Louisiana A man arrives on a plane in Maui, and is reunited with his girlfriend. When they get home, another man is seen approaching their home in a suspicious manner. A shootout occurs, leaving the suspicious man dead. The two lovers go on the run. They are pursued by a mobster who had killed a man in the presence of the woman.
10 The Last Eden An ex-military demolitions man is drugged and framed for the explosion and total destruction of a sewage treatment plant. Five-O pieces together clues to expose the business man who is actually behind the crime.
11 Over Fifty? Steal Lewis Avery Filer had been an insurance investigator forced to retire when his company was taken over by a conglomerate. The wily Filer is now pulling daring robberies at businesses either owned or insured by the conglomerate. He utilizes a variety of tactics, including disguises. Filer also is gaining publicity as he outwits the police.
12 Beautifal Screamer Two women are strangled and portions of a poem are written, in lipstick, on their legs. The second is the girlfriend of Dan Williams. He is on edge, wanting to work on the case "or else it's going to work on me." Danno, however, beats up a person who knew his girlfriend before Kono and Chin Ho can stop him. It turns out the real killer is Walter Gregson, who really wants to kill his wife (a friend of the two dead women) and make it appear all the deaths were committed by a psychopath.
13 The Payoff McGarrett receives a call from a Skid Row bum who says he has vital evidence in a mainland case. When McGarrett and Danno arrive at the man's fleabag apartment, he's disappeared, with a trail of blood indicating he was robbed and shot but managed to escape. In his mattress, the investigators find some silver certificates which they recognize were used as ransom money in a mainland kidnapping eight years ago where the victim was murdered and the kidnappers escaped. In the interval, silver certificates were removed from circulation and are therefore now "hot money."
14 The Doublewall A prison lifer working in the infirmary as an orderly gets the shock of his life when a dying fellow inmate confesses that he himself committed the murder that the orderly, a businessman on the outside, was convicted of three years earlier. Nobody else heard the confession, and there is no evidence tying the now-dead hit man to the murder. The orderly freaks out and grabs a guard's riot shotgun, tapes it to the throat of the prison doctor and sends out the word—reopen his case and find the person who ordered the hit, or get the doctor's head on a plate.
15 Paniolo A Maui cowboy (the episode title means "cowboy" in Hawaiian) kills a real-estate developer who's trying to take over the ranch where the cowboy has worked. The cowboy tries to escape into the island's rugged highlands while McGarrett pursues, trying to get him to surrender.
16 Ten thousand diamonds and a heart A notorious thief is sprung from prison by a criminal gang who wants him to teach them how to rob a diamond exchange and escape undetected. The thief obliges, but McGarrett and Danno are puzzled when the thief—who ought to be hiding as deep as possible—is spotted at a drugstore and at a marina.
17 Kill or be killed A war hero back from Vietnam dies under mysterious circumstances. Was it a murder or a suicide? For McGarrett, finding the truth is no easy matter, as neither the victim's family nor the U.S. Army are willing to cooperate.
18 F.O.B._Honolulu: pART 1 The Chinese (led by Wo Fat), the Soviets (led by Mischa Toptegan) and assorted criminals are all after perfect counterfeit plates. The plates were originally developed by the Chinese, who want to use them to flood international markets with phony U.S. currency and destroy the American economy. Jonathan Kaye enlists Five-O's help to track down the plates and a Navy intelligence officer, and a friend of McGarrett's, also is part of the probe. However, the Navy man is secretly working with Nicole Fleming, one of the criminals after the plates.
19 F.O.B._Honolulu: pART 2 U.S. Commander Nicholson now has the perfect counterfeit plates. His price: $2 million and amnesty for all crimes (including the murder of the man he got the plates from). His girlfriend, Nicole Fleming, is playing the Chinese and Soviets off each other before striking a $3 million deal for herself with Wo Fat. McGarrett and Five-O are running out of time to recover the plates.
20 The Gunrunner A group of masked men break into the home of an international arms dealer and kidnap his wife. McGarrett soon realizes the case is far more than a simple kidnapping - he's now involved with agents of a foreign civil war.
21 Dear Enemy A woman falsifies evidence linking two murders in an attempt to rick mcgarrett into re-investigating the homicide charge, in which her husband was convicted.
22 The bomber and Mrs. Moroney A young man in Oahu State Prison has been a model prisoner and is let out on parole. A few days later, he appears in Five-O headquarters at the Iolani Palace, taking prisoners and demanding that Dan Williams be brought to him. All of this is transpiring while McGarrett is on the Mainland. Danno has no idea why the man wants him dead. It is not until Williams enters the trap that he discovers the man is the brother of a man the lawman killed in season one's "...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin."
23 The Grandstand Play: Part 1 Gary Phillips, the mentally challenged son of baseball star Lon Phillips, encounters a woman while on his way to the concession stand during a ball game. She turns up dead shortly there after. Was he responsible? Or does he know who was?
24 The Grandstand Play: Part 2 Gary Phillips, on the run and afraid of the police, narrowly escapes a murder attempt. McGarrett & Co. begin to piece together what really happened at the ball park. But the real killer is still determined to silence Gary


Main Cast

Recurring characters

  • Al Eben as Doc Bergman
  • Peggy Ryan as Jenny
  • Danny Kamekona as Nick
  • Glenn Cannon as Manicote
  • Moe Keale as Det. Truck Kealoha
  • Douglas Mossman as Frank
  • Kwan Hi Lim as Tosaki
  • John Anderson as General Earl Rigney


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