Sergeant Cage
Sergeant Cage
Biographical Information
Name: Sergeant Cage
Title: Sergeant Cage, Internal Affairs
Family: Unknown
Affiliations: Internal Affairs

Honolulu Police Department

Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
Appeared: Mana'o
Portrayed by: Jon Seda

Character Flag - American Male Honolulu Police Department Season 1

Sergeant Cage is an IA- Internal Affairs officer who investigated Detective Meka Hanamoa for corruption, starting to Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Hanamoa's former partner Detective Danny Williams that "many of his cases had fallen apart at the eleventh hour, raids gone bad, leads drying up." This accusation was incorrect, as Detective Kaleo was responsible, as he was a mole with the HPD.

Also, Sergeant Cage investigated Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly for robbery of the HPD asset forfeiture locker, containing 28 million dollars worth of confiscated drug money during a raid Kelly conducted. First, Chin was accused of taking payoffs, then robbing 200,000 dollars from the locker. Sergeant Cage was responsible for Chin's resignation from the HPD due to the false accusations of Cage's investigation.