Season 7 SpoilersEdit

  • Steve McGarrett is “starts to reflect on everything, the choices that he’s made and looks for a reason to continue doing what he’s doing.” and “that is going to play a little bit of a theme next year. McGarrett may be being a little more aware of his mortality, and also his legacy of what am I going to leave behind?”
    • "He's going to look back and say, "What's my legacy here? I almost died, and what do I have? I've lost my father, I've lost my mother, I've lost the woman that I've loved." He just starts to reflect on everything, the choices that he's made and looks for a reason to continue doing what he's doing," Lenkov shared.
    • “It brings Danny and McGarrett even closer together and it gives them another thing to be arguing about next year … I love the idea that McGarrett is going to abuse that organ, because McGarrett is a person who abuses himself and puts his life in danger all the time. Danny is going to resent the fact that he saved his life because of that. These guys are blood brothers, but now literally they are.”

  • Kono Kalakaua make the point that Adam Noshimuri will get out of prison in four months. So “What you’ve got to remember is McGarrett’s recovering, so I’m going to start the season with him coming out of the hospital, so it’s going to be less than four months.” - Peter M. Lenkov
  • An important person from McGarrett's past will reportedly return — Catherine Rollins.
  • The theme for season 7 would be about legacy — what the characters would be leaving behind or how they will be remembered.
  • Chin Ho Kelly is also at a crossroad and will find him making a decision about whether or not he will be a father to Gabriel's daughter. He might proposing to Abby Dunn.
  • Steve’s meeting with Wo Fat’s father will continue to play. Wo Fat is dead, but his influence against the team remains very strong. In the Season 6 finale, Steve had a secret meeting with the criminal’s father. This will be a part of a story, teasing that Wo Fat’s father is hiding something, which may surprise Steve and the entire team soon.
    • The Morocco trip may also have certain effects. Fans may find out where Doris McGarrett has been in the past few years. Shioma will not be part of the big bad situation although she may be referred to at some point.

  • Doris McGarrett/ Christine Lahti will return on the 150th episode. - “We’re going to bring McGarrett’s mom back, to wrap up the mom/Wo Fat/father mythology, and then start some new storylines in the episode that follows."

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