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Terry O'quinn
(Former)Lieutenant Commander Joe White
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
July 15, 1952
Hawaii Five O (2010)

Terry O'QuinnEdit


Heaven's Gate (1980) as Capt. Minardi

The Doctors (1981) as Dr. Jerry Dancy

All the Right Moves (1983) as Freeman Smith

Places in the Heart (1984) as Buddy Kelsey

Silver Bullet (1985) as Sheriff Joe Haller

Mischief (1985) as Claude Harbrough

SpaceCamp (1986) as Launch Director

The Stepfather (1987) as Jerry Blake

Black Widow (1987) as Bruce

Young Guns (1988) as Alex McSween

Pin (1989) as Dr. Linden

Blind Fury (1989) as Frank Deveruax

Stepfather II (1989) as Dr. Gene Clifford/Stepfather

Lost (2004-2010) as John Locke

Hawaii Five 0 (2011) as Lt. Commander Joe White

666 Park Avenue (2012) as Gavin Doran

Terry O'Quinn and Daniel Dae KimEdit

Terry and Daniel were former co-stars on Lost. In 2011, Terry and Daniel reunited by being co-stars on Hawaii Five O (2010).

On Hawaii Five OEdit

Terry plays Steve McGarrett's old commanding officer . Steve would call him an "honourary uncle" Joe White promised John McGarrett to protect Steve. Joe also help Hiro Noshimuri to fake his own death .

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