The Descent of the Torches
Season 10, Episode 5
Hawaii Five-O - Original
Air date October 20, 1977
Written by Alvin Sapinsley
Directed by Douglas Green
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The Friends of Joey Kalima
The Ninth Step

The Descent of the Torches is the 5th episode of Season 10 in the original version of Hawaii Five-O


In a rare episode to delve deeply into native-Hawaiian culture, McGarrett and company are called in when an archaeological dig on The Big Island reveals secret tunnels headed underneath the ocean, which could lead to the grave of King Kamehameha I. Or at least somebody believes so, donning a royal robe and mask to frighten off -- and later kill -- two members of the archaeological dig. This is a rare episode in which the killer is not revealed until the end; in fact, McGarrett ...



  • The last episode for Alvin Sapinsley, the show's most daring writer and perhaps its best.

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