United States Navy Reserves
United States Navy Reserves
Biographical Information
Members: Joe White (Formerly)

Steve McGarrett
Billy HarringtonClay Garcia

Status: Active

United States Navy


World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf War
Global War on Terrorism

First appearance: Pilot

The United States Navy Reserve (USNR) is the Reserve Component (RC) of the United States Navy. Members of the Navy Reserve, called Reservists, are enrolled in the Selected Reserve (SELRES), the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), the Full Time Support (FTS), or the Retired Reserve program.

Enlisted entry and serviceEdit

Persons who enlist in the Active duty program first sign a contract to enter the Ready Reserve for a period of time that coincides with time served as Active Duty. Upon separation from Active Duty, members may still be obligated by their reserve contract if it has not expired. The remainder of the contract may be served as a member of the Selected Reserve or the Individual Ready Reserve.

Typically, the Reservist is required to drill one weekend every month and spend a consecutive two-week period every year at a regular Navy base or on board a ship. While training either for just a weekend or during the two weeks, the Reservist is on active duty and the full spectrum of rules and regulations, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice, apply.

Season 2Edit

Steve McGarrett went with Catherine Rollins for his annual training, making sure to be assigned to the same vessel she was actively serving on, as they were both so busy and she was unexpectedly called back to duty while on time off.

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