Vanessa Diaz Waincroft
Biographical Information
Name: Vanessa Diaz Waincroft
Originally From: Sinaloa, Mexico
Current Location: Kahala, Hawaii
Interests: Gabriel Waincroft † (husband)
Family: Malia Waincroft † (sister in-law)

Chin Ho Kelly (brother in-law)
Maria Morales (sister)
Jorge Morales (brother in-law)

Children: Sara Waincroft
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Appeared: Pilina Koko
Portrayed by: Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez

Vanessa Diaz-Waincroft was the mother to Sara Waincroft and wife to Gabriel Waincroft. She was shot dead in her home while her daughter Sara was at a sleepover. It was later discovered that her daughter is Chin Ho Kelly's niece through his marriage to Vanessa's sister in law, Malia Waincroft. It is revealed she was killed by Jimmy Brigante; a Yakuza hitman, on orders of Michelle Shioma, who wanted Vanessa to reveal Gabriel's location. However she managed to escape Brigante and ran to her bedroom, where she activated a panic button and grabbed a gun that she kept, but he killed her before she could use it.