Walton Dawkins
Walton Dawkins
Biographical Information
Name: Walton Dawkins
Title: Walton Dawkins
Family: Unknown
Physical Description
Status: Deceased- Steve McGarrett.
Character Information
Portrayed by: Balthazar Getty

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Killer Deceased Season 1

Walton Dawkins is a prisoner who broke out of Halawa Correctional Facility with the help of one of the security guards before he headed to the Hawaii-mainland in search of the five million dollars he and his partner, Craig Ellers had stolen in a bank.


  • Unnamed fellow inmate- (poisoned).

3 corrections officers

  • Craig Ellers- (took hostage, later shot and left for dead, survived).
  • Dana Thorpe- (shot and left for dead, survived).
  • Pilot- (forced to fly to the island at gunpoint, later killed him by shooting him execution-style in the head).