Biographical Information
Members: Hiro Noshimuri
Kouji Noshimuri
Michael Noshimuri
Adam Noshimuri (Former)
Goro Shioma †
Michelle Shioma
Brandon Kenzo
Status: Active

Wo Fat


Criminal activities and/or legitimate businesses

First appearance: Season 1

The Yakuza is a Japanese mafia organization originally lead by Hiro Noshimuri. The organization has been linked to crimes involving drugs, corruption and weapons. Yakuza members are known for their loyalty to the organization. They have also been linked to several assassinations. Wo Fat used to be connected to the Yakuza.

They own several hotels and businesses in Hawaii. After the death of Hiro Noshimuri, the hotels and businesses were left to his son Adam. He has been trying to remove the ties of the Yakuza from his inheritance.